Kaunas Digital Twin

In various industries, digital twins are used as real-time virtual representations of real-world physical systems or process technologies. A digital twin serves as a counterpart of a physical object for practical purposes, such as system simulation, integration, testing, monitoring, and maintenance.

“The digital twin of the city can be used for simulations of transport, people flow, energy modelling needs, management of buildings and related infrastructure. Part of the data that is safe to make public can be opened to the residents,” says Darius Pupeikis, the Head of the Centre of Smart Cities and Infrastructure.

At the moment, the Kaunas Digital Twin project team is experimenting with various methods to create a digital city twin. Certain technologies are already being tested at the KTU student campus, and in the university buildings. For example, the team is building a digital twin of the new KTU M-Lab Laboratory Centre, currently under construction.

“In a new building, all data can be collected: the locations of pipelines and communications are recorded in the digital model. Sensors can be installed to help monitor the vital parameters of the building while maintaining it. Once completed, it will be an internationally unique project in terms of its detail. The successful solutions can be applied in business or in the city itself,” says Pupeikis.

Kaunas Digital Twin was created using the OpenCities Planner platform by infrastructure engineering software company Bentleys, Inc.

Project team: Dr. Darius Pupeikis, Dr. Vytautas Bocullo, Rytis Venčaitis, Paulius Kavaliauskas


2022 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure

In Kaunas Digital Twin was nominated in the category of “Facilities, campuses, and cities”, focusing on digitizing the built environment of KTU Campus and part of the Kaunas city center.

Digital construction 2022 Lithuania

At the conference “Digital Construction 2022” the project was awarded in the nomination “The best BIM project of the city model”

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